High Intensity Brain Raid / Innoculation

You need to do something – but what?

The organisation needs a shot of something.

It is likely to be on either leadership, motivation, training, strategy, stress control, health and wellbeing or absence management – possibly all of those.

In a 1 or 2 day exercise, identify what it is you want to achieve, define your objectives and plan your strategy.  A really thorough brain workout delivering solutions.  This timeframe can be extended according to scope of work and objectives.

This is a structured exercise combining individual and group input, individual and group think, of consultants and client team, to elicit the very best ideas, plans and inspiration, from the combined wealth of knowledge and experience.

Outcomes:  Action plan.  Clear understanding of current picture.  Identified priorities.

“Very educational and very interesting. Covers topics which could include hours of discussion. Expresses the importance of the whole body/organs working together.”

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