Corporate Vitality – for Senior Leadership

“What are you doing daily to develop your character, confidence, skills or relationships with those you lead?”  Stephen R Covey

Individual and Corporate Performance depends on Energy, Creativity, Motivation, Mental and Physical Ability, Fitness, Stamina, Resilience – Management, Leadership, flexibility, shared visions and objectives – and achieving them.  How we understand ourselves and look after ourselves has a direct impact on our performance in today’s very competitive world, getting ahead and staying ahead.  These modules are for leaders to learn the knowledge and strategies of key performers, sports’ stars and high achievers in business and industry.  Half day and one day workshops; understanding the essentials of the corporate working day.  Key solutions to frequently encountered challenges.

Outcomes:  Increased understanding of the links between Performance and Health and how they can be optimised.  Understanding these aspects of your organisation.  Agreed priorities on your aims and your strategy to achieve higher levels of Performance.

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“Interesting and educational – was informative without being too complicated to take on board. A few areas which were surprising to hear – the course corrected me on things I “thought” I knew but was totally wrong about!! Course was motivational and has inspired me to make some changes!”