Health and Performance on the Run – for those who live life on the move

How to maintain physical and mental fitness – for those who live fast-paced lives on the move

Health and Performance on the Run provides essential information, understanding and knowledge to support an effective, successful, results-driven business life.  This is particularly useful for those whose work involves a lot of travel.  These can be standalone workshops or sequences of 3 workshops on Nutrition, Health, Physical and Mental Fitness.  These workshops include modules on Nutrition, Energy, Sleep, Cognitive Function, Creative Thinking, Managing Health, Personal Health, Team and Corporate Health, Food Choices for Busy Days, Resilience and Stress Control.

Outcomes:  Informed awareness of practical choices to support health and Performance.  Highlight solutions and challenges.

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“Interesting and educational – was informative without being too complicated to take on board. A few areas which were surprising to hear – the course corrected me on things I “thought” I knew but was totally wrong about!! Course was motivational and has inspired me to make some changes!”