Looking After No 1

A true innovation in wellbeing

A positive, constructive workshop explaining all the basics of good health, what we can do and how.

  • what is health and benefits of health
  • the immune system – what it does and how to look after it
  • the brain and how to look after it – including cognitive function, concentration, thought-processing, memory and mood
  • the human body – how it works and how to look after it
  • overview of nutrition and eating healthily
  • exercise and the benefits of exercise
  • Performance, Concentration, Energy Levels, Memory, Mood, Stress, Sleep, Mental Health
  • aches and pains, including headaches and migraines

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“Well presented. Very knowledgeable. Very relevant and fascinating subjects. Content excellent. Very interested in the nutrition, how the body reacts to different things and exercise. Interested to learn about stress and sleep patterns and how to help quality sleep.”