The Psychology of Eating

Some of us think about it all day.  Millions of us spend hours talking about it and watching TV programmes about it.  What is it about food?

Learning about appetite and preferences and food selection.  Understanding anxieties and cravings and how to overcome them.  Understanding ideal weight and how to achieve ideal weight.  Identifying and avoiding eating problems.  Awareness of natural hunger and fullness, overcoming obstacles to healthy eating and healthy weight.  Re-establishing the natural messaging systems of the body and the brain

Outcomes:  A professionally-structured, enhanced understanding of food, eating and  psychology.  Overcoming conditioning and habits and establishing successful behaviour change.

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“Well presented. Very knowledgeable. Very relevant and fascinating subjects. Content excellent. Very interested in the nutrition, how the body reacts to different things and exercise. Interested to learn about stress and sleep patterns and how to help quality sleep.”