Here is just a small selection of some of our testimonials

“Some very interesting points that were very relevant to me. Lots of information, discussion about certain aspects. Would be fantastic to do a longer session.”

“Interesting and educational – was informative without being too complicated to take on board. A few areas which were surprising to hear – the course corrected me on things I “thought” I knew but was totally wrong about!! Course was motivational and has inspired me to make some changes!”

“The workshop was very interesting. Pointed out many things that I knew but just did not think about it. It motivated me to think more about what I eat and how I eat. Very useful and helpful.”

“Very interesting content, knowledgeable and engaging presentations.”

“Very educational and very interesting. Covers topics which could include hours of discussion. Expresses the importance of the whole body/organs working together.”

“Interesting and very beneficial. Easy to listen to. Made me more aware of importance of health and diet.”

“Friendly. Easy to listen to. Interesting.”

“Really interesting – using relevant examples from our lives and from athletes’ lives. It was good to take time out to consider how to improve health. I must look at improving my sleep.”

“Well presented. Very knowledgeable. Very relevant and fascinating subjects. Content excellent. Very interested in the nutrition, how the body reacts to different things and exercise. Interested to learn about stress and sleep patterns and how to help quality sleep.”

“Extremely interesting – could listen to you all day!”

“Really informative workshop which was applicable at many levels. The interaction made it useful to participants to ask relevant questions for them – more sessions would be really useful.”

“I would like to explore more about the different effect of diet on stress and behaviour in the future. Really interesting workshop. Thank you!”

“Really interesting and useful – I would like more time on this subject. Handouts really useful. Thank you”

“Very interesting, would like to go more in depth in certain areas.”

“Fab . . u . . lous! Thank you”

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